Friday, April 9, 2010

Restricted Data Now Available for NSAL, 2001-2003

An additional component of the National Survey of American Life, 2001-2003 (NSAL) is now available but only as a restricted file (ICPSR Study Number 27121). Analysts wanting to request this file should consult ICPSR's instructions on Applying for Restricted Data and complete the forms as outlined.

Here is a short summary of the contents of this dataset:

The National Survey of American Life, 2001-2003 (NSAL) was followed up by a self-administered interview (NSAL SAQ) as a way to reduce respondent burden following the 2 1/2 hour NSAL survey. The SAQ includes additional questions about social, group, and individual characteristics: psychological resources (i.e., John Henryism), group and personal identity (racial awareness and identity), as well as ideology and racial relations (i.e., social dominance; stratification beliefs; egalitarianism; national pride; work ethic; authoritarian, interracial contact; and exposure to Black social contexts); political attitudes (i.e., Race-conscious Policy Index, Race-blind Policy Index, Non-Electoral Participation Index); care of elderly values; job and financial stressors; and wealth. Demographic variables include age, race, and sex.
For more information, visit the ICPSR Web site.

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